Zane Hadzick
Team NutraBio Member

  • Environmental Scientist and Planner
  • NASM Certified Personal Trainer
  • Spokesmodel Finalist and TEAM athlete
  • Fitness model and writer
  • Husband and father

Zane's commitment to health began out of necessity, but grew into a passion. On the brink of diabetes, Zane dove into fitness and over the last 10 years managed to hang on to his healthy lifestyle no matter what life threw his way whether it be graduate school, moving cross country, traveling internationally, growing his career, or having a family. He is devoted to health, fitness, positivity, and helping others. Zane is a family man who strives to find the elusive work-life-fitness balance. His background in science alongside his decade-long experience in the fitness industry, has enabled him to help countless people achieve their health, fitness, and nutrition goals. Zane's encouraging attitude, work ethic, and passion has allowed him to inspire thousands of people to transform and improve their lives. Zane plans to continue helping others, leading by example, and most importantly, being a positive role model for his family.

Zane Hadzick Recommends

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The Muscle Matrix Protein is a top pick for me because of how versatile and delicious it is. I use the Muscle Matrix Protein pre- and post-workout as well as before bed. Sometimes I use the protein throughout the day at meals too because it's food. And, it's delicious food!

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