Java Whey Protein - 2 Pounds

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Taylor from Connecticut Mar 23, 2018  
I still can't decide if I enjoy this product yet. I originally picked this product because it contained coffee and since I work out in the morning it made sense. I have tried this with almond milk, 1 % milk and whole milk but for some reason I have not been able to drink it after getting a bad taste one morning. I would have to say using almond milk makes it taste the best.

Anonymous Oct 25, 2017  
The taste is excellent along with the ingredient profile. I just got a sample of it to make sure I liked it and I do. Will be ordering a tub soon, not disappointed at all.
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Matthew from Pennsylvania Mar 2, 2015  
So I have been looking to minimize the amounts of products I take. I like to keep things simple and effective. Normally when I wake up I have a glass of ice water followed by a protein shake and then a cup of coffee. However when I came across this product I was extremely satisfied. I really enjoy the flavor and the mixability. As with most Whey Isolates there is no clumping at all. I enjoy the fact that the flavor has just enough of hint of coffee flavor and is not over the top. An excellent product. I may start taking this in the early afternoon as well for a nice pop of energy during that mid afternoon slump.
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