Reacted Calcium Magnesium Vitamin-D - 250 Grams

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Michael Dec 14, 2015 Verified Buyer
I was looking for some bulk magnesium chelate with my last order .. and added 2 of these to my cart. Didn't check the calcium to magnesium ratio until after the delivery. Then I got very disapointed and thought to myself: WHY would Nutra-Bio make such a BAD blend ?? The Ca/Mg ratio is 2:1 in favor of the calcium !! I mean you portray yourself as a top-notch manufacturer of sport/health supplements after all... Even if it was only for sports taken as a post- or pre-workout supplement this would cause muscle stiffness and cramps instead of providing relief for DOMS. If taken to improve one's health or relieve stress this would only worsen the problem, as nearly everyone on a standard diet is already Mg defiecient. If taken for bone health the Vitamin D will only make the all that calcium able to move around without the means to get inside your bones, as you need Vitamin K2 for that to happen. So in short this product will only help the body calcify faster. Please fix thi
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