PRE Extreme V5

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Rafael from New York Oct 27, 2018 Verified Buyer
I have used other products from Cellucor and Universal Nutrition, but this is the top of the notch... absolutely no doubt ...
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David from New Jersey May 26, 2018 Verified Buyer
This is the first pre-workout that actually works great. The energy comes on very smooth and by the time I start my workout I am absolutely ready to crush it. I also use the NutraBio Natural Intra Workout and results are great together. No crash afterward either. Power right through my early morning workouts. Highly recommend this product!
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Jeff from Tennessee Sep 11, 2017 Verified Buyer
Coming from a guy who has tried several top rated pre's, this is a great product. Taste is probably the best I've experienced. Green apple tastes similar to a green Blow Pop sucker and watermelon tastes like watermelon Jolly Rancher candy. I use 16oz of water and it leaves this pretty sweet. Just add more water if it's too sweet for your liking. This dilutes very easily when shaken. It provides sustained energy throughout the workout and there is no noticable "crash" that overcaffeinated pre's tend to have. This is my new go-to pre!!! Yes, it costs a little more but the quality is worth it!!!
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