Whey Protein Isolate - 2 Pounds

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joel from Texas Dec 30, 2019  
I must have had at least 6 different wpi flavors by nutrabio and have never been disappointed until now. My personal opinion is that the blueberry muffin is extremely lacking in the blueberry flavor. I have tried it with both water and milk. This specific flavor is one that I would not recommend. I will most likely hold onto it and only use if and when I run out of protein and need some to tie me over until the next order. All the other flavors are amazing!
I would not recommend this product to my friends

Anonymous Apr 2, 2019  
Unfortunately this taste just like the horchata, which seems to be a flavor they are discontinuing. I was excited to try this flavor, but its just OK. Its like the horchata without the strange after taste. I am glad I purchased the 2lb. Will not try again.
I would not recommend this product to my friends

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