Whey Protein Isolate - 2 Pounds

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joel from Texas Dec 30, 2019  
I must have had at least 6 different wpi flavors by nutrabio and have never been disappointed until now. My personal opinion is that the blueberry muffin is extremely lacking in the blueberry flavor. I have tried it with both water and milk. This specific flavor is one that I would not recommend. I will most likely hold onto it and only use if and when I run out of protein and need some to tie me over until the next order. All the other flavors are amazing!
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Andy from Florida Jul 11, 2019  
Great Isolate! Will buy again. I’m a fan of this company. 
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Nicolaas from Rhode Island Jun 14, 2019 Verified Buyer
Cookies & Cream just taste like vanilla.

Anonymous Apr 2, 2019  
Unfortunately this taste just like the horchata, which seems to be a flavor they are discontinuing. I was excited to try this flavor, but its just OK. Its like the horchata without the strange after taste. I am glad I purchased the 2lb. Will not try again.
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Chuck from California Feb 6, 2019 Verified Buyer
Mixes easily and no stomach discomfort. One of the better protein powders that i have tried.
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Anonymous Oct 19, 2018  
Ive now tried a few flavors, strawberry was good, vanilla was fine but the chocolate peanut butter is well bad tasting. With scientific research as good as it is now, most protein powders are very palatable and are clean and work well. My only complaint with this one is the taste and if it was "ok" I wouldn't complain but its really chemical tasting. I use NB products exclusively so I'd recommend you guys to go back, taste this and do a little adjustment.
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Jonathan from Indiana Dec 13, 2017  
Absolutely without a doubt thee best Whey Isolate I’ve ever used.  Truly a high quality pure isolate.  Worth every penny.  
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James from New York Aug 2, 2017 Verified Buyer
Seen great results within the first 2 pound case I bought but let me tell you the taste is horrible if u can push thru that than go for it But i almost threw up with out mixing a banana and pb in it and that to be honest still didn't make it good   

John from Pennsylvania Jul 24, 2017 Verified Buyer
I have been loyal to one protein for quite some time and could not for the life of me lose any weight in the abdominal region. Since switching to NutraBio Isolate I have become leaner and have so much more energy! Gut health much improved. Thank you NutraBio!
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HELEN from Washington Apr 26, 2017 Verified Buyer
i never understood why i could never finish a jar of protein powder... then tried this in Unfalvioured - put it in almond milk for my afternoon pick-me-up at work.. YUM!... then forgot to make almond milk, so just had a scoop in water... How can something unflavouired be so refreshing in just water? YUM!!! i am so hooked on this... i am sure all the athletes out rave about their powders, but this IS a definited pick-me-up when i need it... Thank you so much for making this? Your products are always fabulous xo
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Ryan from California Mar 21, 2017  

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Cody from South Carolina Feb 19, 2017 Verified Buyer
Best protein out there! I like that sell this protein now at GNC I only buy this kind of protein and let me tell you it's shown. My results in lean muscle mass is incredible, my strength, recovery is great. I wish more products were sold at gnc. I buy their pre workout, protein, and intra blast. If they got more products out this company would be even more amazing. I love nutrabio products, I've told everyone about how their protein is the best out there. 
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Michael from New York Jul 13, 2016 Verified Buyer
I've been using this protein for a while now and refuse to use anything else. The initial draw to this product for me was that it was lactose free which is a must for us with an intolerance for it. On top of that I've always had a bit of a sensitive stomach and this protein is the only one I've tried that hasn't bothered that. On top of tasting great and mixing well they always manage to get it to me in 2 days even though I never purchase expedited shipping. Great company, great product.
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William from Georgia Apr 29, 2016 Verified Buyer
This is a great product! I am seeing and feeling results from using this after workouts. I appreciate nutrabio taking the time and effort to make a no bull shoot it straight this is what is in it product.
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Justin from Pennsylvania Apr 29, 2016  
After trying so many proteins I've landed on nutribio and plan on staying. A clean protein that tastes great and mixes well. And the best part is you know where the protein is coming from No gueswork.
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Jason from New York Jan 14, 2016 Verified Buyer
I have been taking gnc products for yrs.. I do tiger shulman MMA and all my instructors and guys I train with are raving about this product. I have takin about 4 cycles of it and I love it !!! I am also taking GCT and love that as well thinking about taking fighter fuel next 
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Narick from New York Dec 15, 2015 Verified Buyer
I have been searching for the perfect whey protein supplement and i have found it.. no sugar no lactose just what i need because of my health issues, even if it takes a while to reach me nutrabio is the only company i'm purchasing from.
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Daryl from Connecticut Mar 12, 2015  
I spent a lot of time looking for a clean protein supplement. A friend recommended this to me. Tastes amazing. Random side note I have found that if I mix this protein with coconut water (vita coco) It enhances the flavor even more. I have since purchased several nutrabio products (Pre workout, CGT, multivitamin and the java whey) Since I began supplementing with nutrabio I've made great gains
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